There he goes again

In what amounted to a surprisingly non-newsy final weekend of the election cycle, the biggest and ugliest story involved a number of armed Trump supporters running a Biden campaign bus off the road in Texas. It was an act of domestic terrorism by any measure – and it wasn’t by mere happenstance.

Donald Trump Jr urged his father’s supporters to “head down to McAllen and give Kamala Harris a nice Trump Train welcome,” and to “have some fun” – and, well, this is how they apparently interpreted his words. On Saturday afternoon Donald Trump tweeted a video of the Trump caravan pursuing the Biden bus, adding “I LOVE TEXAS!” That’s right, Trump (and his idiot son) are doing everything they can to stoke violence.

Donald Trump wasn’t done though. By Saturday night he was tweeting his support for a roving gang of Trump supporters in Beverly Hills, which was ultimately broken up by the police. This deranged thug just keeps trying to make things even worse. He’s already murdered nearly a quarter million Americans in the pandemic, and he’s recently murdered hundreds of his own supporters with his rallies, so what’s a little more bloodshed?


This is why we have to vote Donald Trump out in overwhelming numbers. Bullies usually cave the minute they see that their leverage has evaporated. If we thoroughly defeat Trump, his lowlife supporters will understand that there’s no one at the top to protect them anymore. Acts of domestic terrorism will result in their arrest, not in praise from the President. So let’s finish this pathetic anti-American movement off on Tuesday, and get back to being America.

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