The writing on the wall

Ted Cruz thinks it’s time to move on and he may be right, but not in the way he thinks. Ten Republicans have submitted their plan to President Biden in order to promote bipartisanship, but their plan is a third of what Biden believes is needed to keep the country afloat in the pandemic.

After the attack on the Capitol, does anyone really believe these people have anyone’s best interest at heart except their own? Biden should reject their proposal simply for the reason that this is just another example of the Republican modus operandi of gumming up the works, delaying, and then sitting back and saying the Dems can’t get anything accomplished. Yes, please, move on. Biden should politely and firmly decline.

The GOP should move on to making themselves a new party, one that embraces accountability and responsibility. This would also make their top donors like Home Depot perhaps consider reinvesting in them. But since this won’t happen in their insistence of sticking with Trumpism, it just serves as another source of their irrelevancy.

America has spoken. We’ve rejected Trumpism and now want to move forward. A two-party system is vital to the health of our country and if the Republicans won’t move on to a non-corrupt conservative party, then one may be created for them, without them. We’ll see how the future unfolds but one thing is certain. In spite of millions of votes, we’ve all got to move on from Trumpism. The world saw its corruption invade our Capitol, and it spelled the end of any viable Republican party. So, Trumpsters, stand aside. The future is bright and clear, and ours alone if the GOP can’t read the writing on the wall.

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