The whole kit and caboodle

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We are going to win in 2024. We’ll take the House back (as more and more people are admitting there’s an excellent chance of happening). We’ll maintain hold of the Senate. And Joe Biden — aka Dark Brandon — will win a second term.

There are a myriad of reasons for all this, but the main one is a certain orange person who can often be found on Truth Social. Trump, I predict, is going to lose yet another election cycle for Republicans. This is because he’s a loser. Losers tend to bring out the loser in whoever stays close to them.

The GOP has a potential candidate for President who might be running for office — from prison. An orange jumpsuit usually does not a president make But it’s more than that. Sooner or later, Trump will demand something from Republicans they can’t give. Here is a list of subject matter that has come up or WILL come up by Trump for the GOP:

1) Impeach Biden. Not happening.

2) Arrest the deep state — not happening.

3) Endorse me; if you don’t, I’ll primary you with my own candidates. That just might happen.

4) Fire Jack Smith. Not happening.

5) Fire Merrick Garland. Not happening.

And the last, most juicy:


As you know, Republicans can’t do ANYTHING about that. The antisocial personality does not like to suffer alone. The antisocial character usually prefers everyone close suffer with them.

And, of course, wreaking havoc and mayhem is the name of the antisocial personality’s game — that is why we can be sure that Trump will take the whole kit and republican caboodle down with him.

And it’ll probably work because the GOP are marks in clear sight of Trump. Incredibly, the GOP do not get it yet. I would like to know if any Republican ever read a book on the antisocial personality, at any time. I doubt it. Because had they done this, they would recognize, buried deep within the pages, someone they know — a snarling little orange bastion of rage and antisocial quirks. They would SEE HIM THERE right in front of their noses.

The stupidity of Republicans can lead to many looking at them with disdain. Because they JUST DON’T GET IT. They view Trump as someone they can MANAGE – they view him with rosy, pink, sugar-coated glasses, shades they will not take off to allow the reality of what he is to settle into their streams of consciousness.

So yes, we will win. We will win for other reasons as well. But mostly, we will win because we’re up against a group that does not get it, never has gotten it, and never will get it. Sounds like great odds to me.

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