The walls are closing in on Donald Trump

It has been a rough week for “president” Donald Trump, and it is only half over. The New York Times dropped a bomb on him with their 30-plus page article outlining Trump’s fraudulent tax returns. Yes, they are fraudulent. If he claims they are not, then he is admitting to being the world’s worst businessman. He paid nothing yet claimed a $72 million refund, which triggered the audit of his taxes. Funny, he failed to share these losses with the banks he duped for loans, but I digress.

As if Trump is not rattled enough, YouGov announced the most admired man and woman in the world, and they are Trump’s personal favorites: Barack and Michelle Obama. To make matters worse, Joe Biden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a senior member of the UK Parliament, Chris Bryant. Both of Trump’s sons had meltdowns on national television regarding Trump’s taxes, and the Evening Standard shared Donald Trump’s tweet from 2012 after President Obama released his 2011 returns. President Obama paid $162,074 in taxes on taxable income of $789,675. Trump complained that President Obama paid only 20.5%, which is way better than 0%.

The Evening Standard pointed out that while Trump was complaining about President Obama’s tax payment, he paid zero, zilch, nada. You must give Trump one thing: He has a lot of nerve. He sat somewhere with a straight face, coming up with unbelievable write-offs, such as a $70,000 loss in hairstyling costs. I hate to tell him, but that is a life-long loss Trump.


Rick Santorum wrote an op-ed for CNN on “how Trump can win” the debate. Most of the article is about Biden and what he brings to the debate, though Santorum points to Trump’s “incredibly strong economy” and “historically low unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics and a soaring stock market.” How the tide has changed. Blacks, Latinos, and Hispanics have been the hardest hit by the pandemic both in terms of healthcare and jobs. The “incredibly strong economy” was set up by President Obama, and Trump had absolutely nothing to do with the stock market. Conditions drive the market, not a man. Nice try, Rick, but Trump has no leg left to stand on – and we all saw how the debate went.

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