The ugly truth

Ian Fleming wrote the short story “Quantum of Solace” (also the title of a James Bond film). The idea is that a relationship cannot sustain itself without a minimum of solace. There must be a “quantum of solace” between the parties, or such a relationship is over. And I think this theory could easily apply to the GOP and the American people.

If one looks at how much the Republican party has changed, it’s shocking. And they need to suffer the consequences. The GOP used to at least be SOMEWHAT honest. And they had policy ideas. We didn’t often agree with these ideas, but they were there. But now, all that has turned to dust.

The GOP does not respect its voters enough to tell the truth. If they DID, they would admit the truth about Donald Trump. It is often said that many in the GOP in private express their dislike for Trump. Some even want him to be indicted. But that is only said off the record.

If this party doesn’t respect its voters enough to level with them, why should the American people reward them with their votes? Answer — they shouldn’t. Trump’s popularity has plummeted, and not by a small margin. One new poll from ABC and the Washington Post shows a steep decline of 20 points. That’s not a small number.

And what about the subject of abortion? Witness the hysteria of Republicans when Lindsey Graham spoke the truth about a national abortion ban.

It was the truth because many Republicans do want this ban. Only they can’t SAY that. So once again, they’re disrespecting their voters, lying to them, and trying to steer the conversation away from that which they are so afraid of. And that is why we will win come November — if we put in the work.

Because the Democrats DO respect their voters, they DO level with them about what they can — and cannot do. There is solace in the democrat’s relationship with America. As Ian Fleming says in the poem, “defining the comfort, humanity and fellow feeling required between two people to survive.”

There is no comfort and little humanity in anything the GOP does. For them, it is all about feeding the hungry dragon — Donald Trump. If we can show this to the American people, the midterms will be ours.