The train is leaving the station

President Biden has tried several times to get Republicans involved in legislature to benefit the American people. They have steadfastly refused. Recently, a group of Democrats and Republicans, who NBC News refers to as “the G10,” have been meeting and trying to find a middle ground so that we can move forward with much-needed help for our crumbling infrastructure. Bernie Sanders has already signaled that he will not vote for the newly negotiated plan because it is not enough. Republicans will likely vote for neither. What is President Biden going to do about it? According to the Hill, Democrats have been told to prepare to go it alone again.

Reconciliation is not new to Democrats. They used it to pass President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Many families felt relief from the passage of that plan, and more will get relief from Biden’s infrastructure plan, which includes the American Jobs Plan. That relief is part of Republican complaints because they never want to do anything for the American people. About all they can do is lie to us. Republicans are paying attention to nothing. Not only did the rescue plan generate support from most Americans, but it also propelled President Biden’s approval rating into the stratosphere. But Republicans cannot be bothered with the truth. They prefer to obstruct. The problem for them is that the Democrats can, once again, pass this new bill without their help, and that is where things are headed.

As the Hill reported, Steve Ricchetti and Shalanda Young have said that Republicans have 7 to 10 days to reach an acceptable agreement, or the train is leaving the station without them. “Then, we move along with reconciliation—for everything,” John Yarmuth (D-KY) told the Hill. While the infrastructure plan includes traditional items such as bridges and roads, the other component seeks to enhance the lives of millions of Americans by, for example, creating new, well-paying jobs; ensuring clean drinking water; enhancing our digital infrastructure; and improving schools. Republicans balk at items they do not see as infrastructure, but what they fail to see is that without a strong, healthy populace, the traditional infrastructure items will be of little use. Republicans refuse to see the “big picture” in President Biden’s agenda, but the American people can and will clearly see the benefits.


Once again, Republicans are being given a chance to do what they were elected to do. They can either get on board or do as they did last time: sit back and watch the world in Washington pass them by at risk of their coveted positions. Democrats keep trying to give Republicans a chance, but at some point, they—unlike Republicans—remember why people sent them to Washington. Once this legislature passes and the American people respond positively, will Republicans try to claim bragging rights again? The American people are not stupid. We know that, just like last time, they decided to sit out any attempts to help this country recover. Hopefully, that knowledge will be reflected in November 2022.

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