The rise and fall of the Trumpies

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On Labor Day, President Biden traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and spoke to people about many things, including the middle class. Biden, in particular, stressed the power of unions — and how they were imperative in building the middle class.

But Biden also had some words for Maga. Before I get into that, I want to talk about Biden a bit. People often mistake Biden’s gentleness for weakness. They see a man who loves his country deeply, and some people — usually on the red side — label him.

That is part of why the GOP lost in 2020. They underestimated our President. Many people do that to their detriment because Biden always proves them wrong.

And one thing Biden has that many don’t see is a sense of humor — a huge one.

So it should come as no surprise that when speaking about the Maga arm of the Republican party, President Biden labeled them with a nickname — as they have labeled us so very many times.

He called them “Trumpies.”

As you can imagine, people erupted in delight. “Trumpies” quickly became the star of Twitter. All over the social media corridors, “Trumpies” quickly became the new normal.

“Say no to Trumpies,” Lawrence Tribe tweeted.

“Good morning, Trumpies,” many Twitter users tweeted.

Trumpies was all over.

Maga was not happy.

“Biden’s on a rant,” one of them said sullenly.

“Anger management classes,” another Maga tweeted, causing this writer (me) to collapse in gales of laughter that have yet to subside. Say it with me: Trumpies.

It’s an adorable nickname for not-so-adorable people. It reminds me of little monsters scuttling everywhere, hands over ears, to avoid having to hear that word that is now a part of our discourse. Trumpies. Thanks, President Biden. Something tells me this is one nickname that’s going to stick.

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