The rhetorical question about Ted Cruz

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How does one BE Ted Cruz? I’m serious. I imagine BEING him — being Ted Cruz. What a human tragedy it must be. He wakes up and does what millions of us do — drives to work. Perhaps he has a cup of coffee first. He talks to people. He logs onto his computer.

But what of his soul? How does he do it? How does Rafael Cruz manage to live with himself? It is something to ponder. Perhaps he does it because he is quite simply a piece of human garbage. That could be the reason. I try to visualize it. I put myself in his shoes. Or try to.

How does Ted Cruz address the American people with a straight face? How does he not feel the putrid hate directed at him? How does he lack the awareness to know what a joke of a human being he is?

Perhaps he knows — and doesn’t care. Politicians like Cruz do it for the money — and for the power. To what END? What is Ted Cruz’s purpose in life? To make everybody miserable? Everybody has a purpose. I believe that. We’re all here to do something.

What do Cruz’s money and power get him at the end of the day? Certainly not respect. Nobody respects Ted Cruz. So what then? More vacations to Cancun? More lavish furniture, perhaps, or dinners at five-star restaurants.

Is that all there is for him and others like him? How does he fall asleep knowing he has failed us — failed the children — all in hopes of keeping the approval of a craven organization called the NRA?

Does he ever have a moment where he looks at himself realistically? Does he ever shed a tear for the children? Weep bitterly over the sorrow? Acknowledge to himself that he has failed? That was a rhetorical question.

I doubt he does. Because being Ted Cruz does not allow for compassion. And people like him — the craven, the power-hungry, the ruthless don’t have time for self-analysis or the pain of others. All they have time for is yet another worthless platitude.

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