The resistance is now coming from within the building

– Even as we’ve spent the past four years resisting Donald Trump’s corrupt reign of terror from the outside, there has always been the question of how much resistance Trump has been facing from the inside. Now that he’s lost, we’re starting to see things more clearly. For instance, EPA career officials are doing everything they can to fend Trump off and give President Biden an easier time of straightening out Trump’s environment mess. Now that we know this is going on within the EPA, we’re guessing this is also going on to some degree in various agencies.

– If your preacher tells you to attend church in person during a pandemic, he’s not a real preacher and that’s not a real church.

– The conservative political site National Review is now calling Trump’s refusal to concede “disgraceful” and telling him to give up the ghost. Again, this isn’t surprising. The longer Trump drags out his loss, the more it’ll start to get in the way of the conservative and Republican agenda, and the more allies he’ll lose over it. Trump’s leverage is at an all time low.

– To give you an idea of how thoroughly Trump has given up on the presidency, CNN says that the White House is no longer even bothering to issue weekly guidance on his schedule. That’s because there’s virtually nothing on his schedule. He’s done.

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