The Republican Party has somehow found a way to reach a new all-time low

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Just about every time one thinks the GOP has gone as low as they can possibly go, they prove there is no bottom for the party of sleaze. Per NBC News, an Oklahoma Republican (State Rep. Jim Olsen) has introduced a new bill. This bill would “limit how slavery is taught in schools.” This is House Bill 2988. And what a winner it is! (Sarcasm.)

This loathsome new bill would prevent school districts from assigning blame to one race for Slavery. I just wonder who the GOP would like to blame for this pesky time in history. Dogs? Buffalo? Dinosaurs? This bill would also starkly forbid educators from assigning blame to America for Slavery any more than other nations.

But wait! There is more. Failure to comply on the part of educators would cause the withholding of some of their monthly education funds — up to 5%. As you might have guessed, all hell has broken loose with the introduction of this bill.

University professors have slammed the odious bill:

“They are cranking this legislation out faster than the courts can keep up.”

“In the meantime. we have no intention of lying to our students or bowing to this assault on truth and academic freedom.”

I have a few thoughts here. First off, thank you to Oklahoma’s professors for coming out against this Bill. The second is a (rhetorical) question.

When will it end? When will it be too much? Will it EVER be too much?

I refer to the inherent cruelty that has cloaked the GOP and urged it on. At this point, one could call the GOP the cruel old party. Their complete lack of human decency and apparent glee in cranking out the cruel to soothe their inherently racist souls is reaching epic proportions.

I do not believe the cold and arctic wasteland that is the Republican party CAN be stopped unless we vote them out — vote them ALL out. If we do not, the consequences can and will be catastrophic.

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