The Republican Party endgame with Donald Trump

The RNC is paying for some of Trump’s legal woes, and they must know this is just the tip of the handout iceberg. We predict this will be like feeding a stray cat. It’s an outrage to some in the party that the RNC is forking out for a “billionaire” like Trump, but we say go for it! All that money would just be wasted on campaigning. It’s so much better to use it to try to sleaze out of criminal convictions than backing another Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The Republicans will spin this and get all on board. Lindsey Graham has given Trump a cool half a million for his legal fund, and we can’t help but wonder where that money came from since we recently recall Graham literally begging for money for his campaign. But again, better to give Trump & Co. all your money than fund another Madison Cawthorn campaign.

Neil deGrasse Tyson has tweeted that for every Dem covid death, there are five Republicans dying. We can’t assess the accuracy of this, but it does sound correct, given that Republicans are five times more likely to be unvaccinated. MAGA is a shameless death cult. They’ve focused all their energies into promoting outrage over Critical Race Theory – something only taught in law schools – and either completely ignored the need for vaccination among their constituents or actively promoted false information to scare them away from vaccination. This is repulsive and horrific, and we can’t condemn it enough.


It also leaves us curious about the Republican end game. Is killing and fleecing your constituents a good policy? They must think so. Sadly, it also brings to mind Bonaparte’s maxim: Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of making a mistake. He said it, we didn’t.

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