The Republican clown car is about to leave the station


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Ron DeSantis is going to announce a run for President. Chris Christie is also going to announce a bridge over troubled waters — just kidding. But yes, our Bridgegate connoisseur is reportedly getting into the race.

But that’s not really the story. The story is all of the OTHER candidates who may get in. The Republican primary is looking to be VERY crowded. Here are a few politicians who are reportedly mulling over a run:

Governor Glen Youngkin of Virginia

Rick Perry of Texas

Mike Pence from Outer Space.

Chris Sununu of New Hampshire

Doug Burgum, North Dakota Governor.

And there will be more.

This list is swelling, growing bigger. This is likely because all of these people know Donald Trump is toast, and that Ron DeSantis couldn’t be elected for anything except chief weirdo. And we have no idea how things might shape up or who might have a chance.

Christie getting in actually pleases me. Why? Because Christie, though we all may dislike him, has a particular style about him. That style is anything goes. He will attack Trump and DeSantis and likely will do it in a highly entertaining way. Christie, at least, isn’t boring, and one can tell he’s relishing the tongue-lashing he’s about to give Donald Trump.

Pence is as good as in, although he shouldn’t be. Look, someone has to win this primary. One of these people will be the nominee. But which one? Nobody yet knows. It would be a wonderful thing if Pence or Desantis were the nominees because we could beat them so easily. But they won’t be. As time goes by, specific candidates will begin to have their moment. But all of them have points against them.

For example, Pence is hated by Maga-land. Christie will never be able to be taken seriously. Rick Perry has a history of screwing up easy questions with absurd answers; Sununu will have difficulty winning a primary because he’s a bit too moderate on some issues, and nobody’s heard of Burgum.


But make no mistake, there will be a winner, and they will be horrible. It will be up to us to make sure that this anonymous person doesn’t get anywhere near the white house.


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