The real reason President Obama did what he just did

Even in a pandemic, President Obama was always going to come out of the bullpen and start throwing strikes for Joe Biden near the end of the election. But why did Obama choose yesterday in particular? Why not five days sooner, or three days later?

Given the timing, it doesn’t feel like coincidence that President Obama spent all day trying to get under Donald Trump’s skin the day before the final presidential debate. Think about it: Obama didn’t just promote Biden, or criticize Trump. He eviscerated Trump on a personal level, going after him for having a secret Chinese bank account. Obama went so far as to stand in the street with a megaphone at one point yesterday.

Of course the main point was to get people in Philadelphia to turn out and vote for Joe Biden. But the timing suggests there was a secondary goal: to get Donald Trump so irritated, he ends up attacking Obama during the debate instead of attacking Biden. Considering how overwhelmingly popular Obama is, Trump would hurt himself by doing so.

Our guess is Obama just took his best shot at baiting Trump into walking into this particular trap. After Trump lost the first debate to Joe Biden, and somehow lost the second debate to Savannah Guthrie, wouldn’t it be something if Trump loses the final debate to Barack Obama?

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