The real reason Omarosa’s tapes of Donald Trump are so devastating

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Donald Trump hired an unscrupulous and unqualified person to do corrupt work for him, and that person ended up making secret recordings of Trump along the way. That’s right, Michael Cohen isn’t the only one who has tapes. Former reality star Omarosa has revealed that she also has Trump tapes. She’s played them privately for enough people that it’s become clear the tapes really do exist. There is a specific reason why these tapes are so devastating.

Actually there are three specific reasons. The first is that Omarosa is currently promoting a scathing tell-all book aimed at cashing in on Donald Trump. Her book may sell well to those who want to see Trump humiliated, but because she’s such a consistent liar, it was unlikely that anyone was going to take her assertions about Trump seriously. However, the tapes – which we imagine she’ll end up playing on some morning talk show – will turn an otherwise unreliable narrator into someone who has brought the receipts.

The second devastating aspect for Donald Trump is that, unlike with Michael Cohen, these tapes were made in the White House. These tapes aren’t isolated conversations about how to deal with one personal scandal. They’re a snapshot of the general day-to-day condition that Trump is truly in. Omarosa is asserting in her book that Trump is more or less senile. This suggests that her tapes demonstrate as much. That could prove to be more devastating to Trump’s prospects of remaining in office than any tapes revealing his criminal nature, which everyone more or less already knows about.

The third devastating aspect is this: we now know that Omarosa was secretly recording Donald Trump while he was on the job, and getting away with it. That means Trump’s White House really was being run in that lax of a manner. In turn that means that if Omarosa was making secret tapes of Trump inside the White House, she can’t have been the only Trump adviser who was doing so. Look for more of Trump’s former people to reveal they have White House tapes as well.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report