The rats are turning on each other in Fulton County as Fani Willis closes in

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The Georgia investigation into Donald Trump’s election interference is picking up steam. As criminals often do, it has been reported that some of the fake electors in Georgia are clawing at each other’s backs and pointing fingers at each other. This would have been so easy for all of them to avoid. All they had to do was stay away from criminal activities. As the cliché goes, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Fulton County DA Fani Willis has apparently handed them an out, but their attorneys failed to tell them about it. That is the basis of a motion filed by DA Willis.

Willis detailed in a filing this week that she has conducted new interviews with some of the fake electors as recently as April 12 and April 14. During those interviews, some of the fakers started telling on the others, alleging violations of law. Ten of those fakers are represented by the same attorney, Kimberly Debrow. Can you say “conflict?” Apparently so since the eleventh is separately represented and has been granted immunity. According to Politico, Willis previously argued conflict but was not fully successful. Now that the rats are leaving the sinking ship, however, there is a clear conflict of interest for Debrow to continue to represent all ten fake electors, especially as they begin to turn on each other.

Willis is not so subtly making it known that she intends to pursue criminal charges surrounding Donald Trump’s request to Brad Raffensperger that he “find” more votes. Willis believes that because the electors could be called to testify against each other, they should have their own, separate representation. Willis further revealed that she has offered immunity in exchange for testimony, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. According to Willis, counsel for the ten fake electors, Debrow, has failed and/or refused to advise her clients of potential immunity. Willis wrote in her motion: “It is unfathomable how Ms. Debrow can offer competent and adequate counsel. Any claim of all 10 of her clients being similarly situated has gone out the window.” In other words, Willis is playing them against each other, and some of them are taking the bait. Already, David Schaffer, Georgia GOP chief, separated himself by moving his representation to Kimberly Burroughs, though it is unclear whether that is even good, as Burroughs used to co-counsel with Debrow for all eleven.


It will be interesting to see how Willis’s investigation and possible indictments will play with Jack Smith’s investigation of the January 6 insurrection. After all, that investigation also hinges on Trump’s attempts to overturn the election. They don’t, however, seem to be competing investigations and could well end up helping each other. The fact is that Donald Trump couldn’t accept losing, and he tried everything in his power-including criminal activity-to hang onto the White House. It was all to no avail, but that is beside the point. Trump broke the law, and he must be punished. It doesn’t matter whether he’s punished on the state or federal level, or in an ideal world, both.

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