The QAnon loons are even further off the deep end than we thought

President John F Kennedy was one of the best presidents this nation has ever had. And the Kennedy family themselves have been through more loss than many can even comprehend. The Kennedy name has been in the news a great deal lately but for all the wrong reasons. The reason they have been making news is because of QAnon.

QAnon, as you know, has a conspiracy theory that both John Senior and Junior Kennedy are still alive. In that regard, they have been acting out in a truly bizarre fashion, gathering in places, waiting for the return of these Kennedys.

And it is causing much grief, as our friend Brian Williams highlighted on his show the other night. The name of the segment was “Delusion in Dallas.” Williams cut right to the chase.

Labeling these QAnon people “circus of lost souls,” Williams paid tribute to the Kennedy family, telling viewers the shenanigans of the QAnon cult should not be taken lightly — and that the Kennedy family deserves our sympathies at this time.

Speaking of many of the losses this family has had, Williams said, “You learn to wake up the next day and the day after that and hopefully keep on living some semblance of a life.”

“The Kennedy and Bessette families deserve our respect and our sorrow after their staggering loss.”

“They do not deserve the circus of lost souls that is now soiling the sacred place in American Presidential history.”


It was one of his best segments ever, in my opinion. And it highlights a problem. We laugh at QAnon. Heck, I laugh at them all the time. But we cannot be allowed to forget the victim’s families in all this and the pain they must experience at seeing these tragic events turned into a circus by, as Mr. Williams said, the “lost souls” who will not stop with their propaganda and conspiracy theories. The Kennedy family changed the world, and we honor them. Thank you, Mr. Williams, for a poignant and beautiful segment. You will be deeply missed.

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