The pendulum is swinging

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Back when Republicans were hoping for a full on red wave in Congress, they started boasting about their plans about if they were successful – destroying Social Security and Medicare – things they’ve been bragging about doing for decades.

Hoping that issues like inflation and gas prices would drive voters en masse to vote against the current party in power, they often went so far as to put their policies in writing – not only to gut the social safety net as much as possible (something that cost them severely in the 2012 election), but to also to vote whether legislation like this should even be kept – every five years or even every year – as Ron Johnson would have it.

The pendulum is now swinging the other way, however, as those concerns have taken a backseat to the SCOTUS ruling on Dobbs and gas prices have fallen. However, President Biden hasn’t forgotten – and instead anticipated the right moment to drop when it would be too late for Republicans to distance themselves from these terrible plans. On Friday at a DNC event, he pointed out that 158 House Republicans have already committed to the plan outlined by Rick Scott, perpetrator of the greatest Medicare scam in history.

The good news is that momentum is on our side – we know where we stand in this battle and we’ve known it clearly for years – let’s let the truth be known about Republicans and do everything we can to keep them from taking back power in November.

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