The only way Donald Trump can win in 2020

Remember earlier this year when the Howard Schultz campaign was going to somehow magically cause Donald Trump to win the 2020 election? Schultz just dropped out. Remember last month when Trump was going to use the census question to overthrow the Supreme Court and declare himself Emperor? He caved instead.

These kinds of narratives are always gibberish from the start, of course. But certain pundits and certain segments of the mainstream media use these kinds of doomsday narratives to scare people into staying tuned in. By the time any given doomsday narrative has turned out to have been nonsense, people are too relieved to realize they’ve been duped, and then the pundits move on to some other doomsday narrative. Now we’re dealing with yet another one.

This week the Republican Party moved to eliminate 2020 Republican primary elections in a few states. The only bigger sign of vulnerability than facing a primary challenge from your own party, is when you have to make panic moves to try to stop that primary challenge from happening. But certain pundits have spun this story into yet another doomsday narrative. In the fictional sensationalized version of the story, the Republican Party is somehow magically canceling Democratic primaries and general election votes as well. If you think it through, you realize that wouldn’t be within a million miles of being possible. But the whole point of a doomsday narrative is to paralyze you into staying tuned in, without thinking it through.

That brings us to the one way Donald Trump could actually win in 2020. It certainly won’t be a result of some simplistic parlor trick. It won’t be a result of any of the magic wand-waving doomsday narratives you keep hearing about from pundits. If Trump does win in 2020, it’ll be because too many people are so paralyzed by these doomsday narratives, they don’t bother to get out and do the legwork to get the Democratic nominee elected. It really is as straightforward as that.

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