The Michael Flynn saga just got even worse for Donald Trump

Two different Michael Flynn shoes dropped today, and they both landed on Donald Trump’s head. The first was expected: Flynn and members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team appeared before a judge today, jointly pleading their case for Flynn’s sentencing to be delayed. The judge ultimately gave Mueller and Flynn the delay that they wanted. This means Mueller gets to keep using Flynn as a witness for as long as he likes, and it means Flynn gets to keep trying to prove his value in the hope of a lenient sentence. But then came the unexpected.

It was also revealed today that Michael Flynn has taken a full time political consulting job. We don’t know what kind of politcal consulting firm hires a guy who has recently pleaded guilty to a felony in relation to a treasonous plot to rig a U.S. presidential election, and is on his way to prison. But the bottom line is this: the firm wouldn’t be hiring Flynn unless it expects he’s going to available for awhile before he goes to prison – and that’s the good news.

Flynn won’t go to prison until Robert Mueller has finished using him as a cooperating witness. If that were happening soon, Flynn would be behind bars soon, making him unhirable. So this hire tells us that Mueller has told Flynn that he’ll still need him as a witness for quite awhile. This means Flynn will be testifying in the trials of the Trump-Russia figures who go on trial last – which essentially means Donald Trump and his family.

So now we know why Robert Mueller gave Michael Flynn a comparatively lenient plea deal late last year: Flynn is Mueller’s key to putting the Trump regime in prison. After Donald Trump is ousted after the midterms, he’ll be tried as private citizen on whatever criminal charges weren’t definitively squared away during the impeachment and removal process. Flynn will be the guy sending him to prison. Update, 10:16pm: Flynn now says he hasn’t officially accepted the consulting job, and that the consulting firm made this announcement by mistake, but he refuses to rule out that he may end up joining the firm after all. This new information does not impact the premise of our article above.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report