The “messaging” problem

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There is a VERY popular myth out there that infuriates me because it’s not true. It’s about the Democrats. Perhaps you’ve heard this myth which gets particular attention each election cycle. It never changes; this myth which is particularly popular with fake pundits making fake noise about fake problems.

This myth is that democrats have a “messaging problem.” Poppycock. And yet I’ve seen this myth repeated even among some Democrats. So let’s look together at this myth. For example — democrats’ message about free and fair elections isn’t working. (this is “pundit speak.)

My answer. The Democrats have spoken about this very real threat to democracy over and over again. Joe Biden even has a speech about it. The day after the speech, we heard this from the pundits (I’m looking at YOU, Andrea Mitchell.)

Why did he talk about democracy so much and say nothing about the economy?

This leads to:

Example two: why don’t Dems talk more about the economy?

Democrats talk about the economy ALL the time. In my state, I see ads for what an excellent job Biden has done. The response of the pundits?

Example three: Why aren’t the Democrats talking about crime?

The Democrats talk about crime stats frequently. Remember that debate in Oklahoma where it came out Oklahoma’s crime stats were worse than California’s?

Example four: Why isn’t the message on abortion resonating? It peaked.

Response. We’ve spoken about abortion because people CARE about it, as evidenced by what happened in Kansas, what’s happening with new voters registering, and so on.

Example five. Why can’t Democrats get it together?

The Democrats do not have a messaging problem. The democrats have a pundit problem; we need to do something about it because pundits are one of our biggest obstacles.

The point of this is that the narrative was always going to be Dems lose, Republicans win. It’s what they do. Here is yet another example.

How many times have you heard about the Mehmet puppy scandal other than us?

What about the power grids in Texas that Governor Abbott let break?

How about Herschel walker? The day after his debate, most pundits were singing his praises. On the other hand, John Fetterman’s stroke suddenly became an issue of grave concern.


We must shatter this myth on democrats’ messaging because this myth is not accurate. It’s a thing. We have rotten pundits, not rotten messaging. The sooner we can think of ways to deal with that, the better.

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