The MAGA loons don’t even know what to do with this one

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There are some events that occur which are so bizarre, so impossibly amusing that it is almost impossible not to find them hilarious. This article will describe such an event to you — with actual quotes from some of the people involved in said event.

This event begins with Kyle Rittenhouse. I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing his name, and I agree in that regard, but this story needs to be told.

The right has elevated Rittenhouse to mythical status. He’s been dubbed a hero, the perfect face of the GOP.
Only they might well be rethinking that now — or at least some of them most definitely are.

Rittenhouse did an interview with terrible Tucker Carlson. And in this interview, he insisted he is no racist. Then he endorsed Black Lives Matter. “I’m not a racist person. I support the BLM movement.”

Uh-oh. Did you hear it? Did you hear the howls, the sound of breaking dishes, the wailings — as MAGAs everywhere promptly lost their shit?

This is one of the biggest unravelings I have ever seen. I am not exaggerating either. The furious tweets of enraged trolls discovering their hero had feet of clay was impossible to ignore — and was utterly hysterical.

“They got to him,” screamed one MAGA.

“Rhinos control him now,” said another mournfully.

“Lost all respect,” said one more.

But it did not stop there. Rittenhouse also called out lunatic Lin Wood. Rittenhouse accused the non-lawyer of leaving him in jail for longer than he needed to be.

That presented a unique challenge to MAGA. What to say when two of one’s idols suddenly are against each other?

Well, for many, that meant picking a particular side. And this, too, involved much hilarity:

“Always knew Lin was creepy.”

“Lin’s a great guy. Kyle threw him under the bus.”

Maga world was definitely in bizarre land with all of this. But there is more — Because the ABSOLUTE best response, I have saved for last.


Said one Maga to others: “If you believe Lin Wood over Kyle Rittenhouse, you’re in a cult!!” This seems an excellent note to end on.

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