The M word

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Just call Republicans the M word. Because that’s what they are. What exactly is misogyny? Well, it’s basically a hatred of women. It is described as “a dislike or contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”

I’ve known some of these folks. Many of them are capable of doing truly terrible things. Their personalities are not the same as others. They see women frankly as dirt, as inferior beings that they can bully, push around, and insult. They’re toxic human beings, and people should steer clear.

But how to do that when we have one political party full of misogynists? Many Republicans fall into the definition of misogyny. And allow me, if you will, to present a bit of proof. Republicans want to control women’s bodies. This is because they do not see women as people.

Remember how I wrote that a judge had overturned parts of the Texas abortion law? Republicans are appealing. The part that the Judge put a temporary stop to had to do with women who had problematic pregnancies carrying them till term. Now I ask you, WHY would the GOP appeal that?

I am a reasonable person. So if there are explanations I’m not thinking of, I’d love to know what they are. There AREN’T any. It is solely because womens’ lives mean nothing to them. Think about it — what type of person would want a woman to carry a child where the child’s life and her own could be in danger? A Misogynistic Republican. That’s who.

Characteristics of a Misogynist:

Insults, demands, and puts down women.

Acts controlling, grandiose, and self-centered towards women.

Treats women in the workplace different than men.

Likes to control women on matters having to do with sex.

Treats women like property.

Objectifies women.

Passes off control as protectiveness.

Hates a woman who makes her own decisions.

Cab be Homophobic.


Strong ideas about gender roles.

These are just some of the signs. But the GOP has them all. Not every single one but most. The ones who refuse to allow women to make decisions about their own bodies are the absolute worst. Let’s all call it out for what it is. Let’s call it misogyny.

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