The long hard fall of Kevin McCarthy

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Hello friends and readers. I do not know how many of you stayed up to watch Kevin McCarthy’s slow descent into madness, but I am one of the unfortunate individuals who did. I made it through sane and asylum-free. I hope you did as well.

McCarthy was seemingly determined to stop the House from passing Biden’s Build Back Better bill. But as with everything Kevin does, this attempt ended in failure. The bill passed.

Watching Kevin’s unraveling was a fascinating thing. I do think the man’s insane ramblings could serve as a deterrent to future criminals. Instead of jail time, the penalty could be sitting them down and making them listen — word for cringe-inducing word — to his whole speech. That will stop some of them from reoffending, I am sure.

It was something to watch as this preppy and somewhat sterile man, usually as bland as lettuce, began to unravel publicly. With a glint of madness shining in his eyes, and a deep note of desperation bellowing from his usually monotone voice, Kevin spoke — and spoke — and spoke. And with every passing hour, the madness shone more brightly, and he began to remind more and more strongly of Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining.”

I am serious about that. If indeed he HAD shouted out “Red Rum” in the middle of the speech, it would not have surprised me. He shouted everything else. One thing that Crazy Kev DID accomplish was finding a cure for insomnia. Did you happen to see the people sitting behind him? Sleep wasn’t a problem for many of them.

All it took was Kevin’s strident voice as he went on and on, while many a person dozed peacefully behind him. But the person I felt the sorriest for was the poor soul managing Kevin’s social media account. As Keven rambled, tweets were being sent out. And the kicker to end all kickers arrived at 3:33 AM in the form of a short tweet from Kevin’s account. Here is the profound message said tweet contained: “SAVE AMERICA!”

I could not agree more. We must save America — from Kevin McCarthy. Hopefully, the Democrats will feature excerpts of this episode of Kevin-lunacy in campaign commercials. Kevin McCarthy will never be speaker, and judging by that performance, he might already know that.

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