The Jeffrey Epstein scandal just slipped beyond the control of Donald Trump and Bill Barr

The death of Donald Trump’s old friend Jeffrey Epstein, while he was in the custody of Trump’s Department of Justice, has faded from the headlines this past week as Trump has begun declaring himself the “King of Israel” while trying to buy Greenland, and other objectively insane behavior. But the Epstein scandal is still playing out nonetheless – and it just took a turn that Trump and his Attorney General Bill Barr won’t like.

It’s still not entirely clear how much or little control Bill Barr has over what’s been taking place in the probe into Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Barr keeps making suspicious moves, such as replacing the head of the Bureau of Prisons with one of his own lackeys, as if he’s trying to cover something up. But there’s still no compelling evidence that Epstein’s death was anything other than a suicide.

It’s been unclear if recent moves, such as the raid of Epstein’s private island home, have been a result of the FBI working around Barr, or a result of Barr continuing to carry out a coverup. Either way, something just happened that Trump and Barr can’t control.


Shimon Prokupecz of CNN has revealed that the government of France has opened an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein. We think this is important for two reasons. First, it’s potentially bad news for Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell, as her friends are claiming that she’s been hanging out in France since Epstein’s arrest (outsiders have claimed she’s in Boston or Los Angeles). Second, if France is running a legitimate investigation into Epstein’s crimes, it’ll make it very difficult for Donald Trump and Bill Barr to push a phony narrative about the crimes.

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