The January 6th Committee’s approach has paid off, and it’s struck paydirt

It turns out the January 6th Committee has Mark Meadows’ text messages, the Trump regime’s election overthrow PowerPoint presentation, and Trump White House metadata on Jeffrey Clark’s letter. Moreover the committee appears to have had this evidence for awhile now. It’s becoming clear that the committee has amassed a ton of incriminating evidence.

For those who have been asking what the committee has been doing all this time, this answers the question. It’s been amassing all this evidence from friendly witnesses, so it can use it to pressure and/or bust hostile witnesses. It’s simply how these kinds of probes work.

In any case, all this evidence the 1/6 committee has up its sleeve proves that the committee has indeed been aggressively doing its job all this time. So much for the arguments about the committee “lacking a sense of urgency” or that other concocted doomsday nonsense.

Also, if the 1/6 committee has this evidence, then so does the DOJ. Keep in mind that because of the way criminal cases are built, the DOJ is going to tell you a lot less about its criminal probe while it’s still in progress, than the committee is going to tell you about its fact finding probe while it’s still in progress.

The narrative about the committee “not being aggressive enough” or “not moving fast enough” is clearly proving to be absurd. The narrative about the DOJ “not doing anything” is also very likely to prove absurd.

If the media and the pundits would educate audiences about how these probes tend to work, instead of dishonestly bashing the committee in an effort to make themselves look smarter than the committee, the public wouldn’t be so shocked whenever evidence surfaces and it turns out the committee is winning.

It’s not about “optimism” or “patience” or “having faith.” It’s about understanding how a probe like this works to begin with. It’s about pitting witnesses against each other, tripping them up, taking their legs out so they’ll cave, using that to push the next witness up the ladder to cave. Haste gets you nowhere. If you’re demanding that the committee move more quickly, you’re just making yourself irrelevant to the process. It’s like thinking that chess is won by whoever takes their turn the fastest.

The committee’s studious approach to collecting evidence like text messages, metadata, PowerPoint, etc, is what will allow the committee to pressure top hostile witnesses into caving. You have to nail them with evidence first, before they’ll even think about cooperating.

If the committee simply subpoenaed every remaining witness tomorrow, without first amassing the proper leverage against any of them, it would result in zero cooperation from any of them. It would mean total failure. The stupid “aggressive” moves that the pundits are always demanding from the committee, are the precise moves that would let in fact Trump get away with it all.


Firefighters climb a ladder one rung at a time for a reason. We’d all laugh at any observer who tried to look smart and aggressive by bashing firefighters for not magically jumping up six rungs with each step. For that same reason, we must all learn to laugh at any observer who insists the January 6th Committee should try to jump six rungs ahead in one step. Such talk is an indicator of having no idea how anything works.

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