The Ides of March


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“Beware the Ides of March.” That was the call from QAnon in February of 2021. It seemed the group of Trump-obsessed cultists had decided on the Ides of March — March 15 — as the day Trump would be reinstated to the office of the presidency.

Need I tell you this did not happen? This is not a surprise. Very few things QAnon members talk about actually happen. But it is not just them who have spoken excitedly of the Ides of March.

“Trump pending indictments! Beware the ides of March!” Of course, that is merely a hope, not a fact. But there is no doubt March is upon us — and that indictments will surely happen soon.

“The Ides of March or April fools day could be historically significant for Trump’s indictment!”

An ill wind has begun to blow. And people are getting excited. Of course, the Ides of March is known as the day Julius Caesar was betrayed by his friend Brutus. He’d been warned. A soothsayer had reportedly said: “Beware the Ides of March.”

But he hadn’t listened. And there have been several warning signs that Donald Trump should be worried about as we usher in the march breezes. It’s possible an indictment will come during the Ides of March or even before — or perhaps afterward, in late march.

Let us look at some of the warning signs. The Georgia investigation is completBeware the Ides of March.

Jack Smith is getting to the heart of things and has subpoenaed many close to Trump.Beware the Ides of March.

Michael Cohen has been meeting with New York prosecutors, and predicts an indictment is coming. Beware the Ides of March. But the Ides could signal danger in others ways — like in the form of civil litigation.

For example, the Justice Department has given the OK to an appeals court to reject Trump’s claims of presidential immunity. Of course they did. Trump has no immunity. The only immunity he has is in his head. The Justice Department came through — again. Beware the Ides of March.

People are talking about all this excitedly on social media. Is it true, they wonder? Could indictments be headed Trump’s way?

And there are rumors that Trump is “shadow- banned” on Fox non-news. And many news sources are saying many Republicans secretly can’t wait for Trump to implode. Beware — the Ides of March.

It would do Trump good to listen to the prophesy and do himself some good by shutting the heck up and lowering his online presence a bit. But of course, he won’t. He will not because hubris is, after all, the glue that holds him together.


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