“The House of Trump is crumbling”

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This past week Donald Trump has lost several major court battles, most notably the one that’s forcing him and his family to testify in the New York probe into the Trump Organization. Presuming they still refuse to testify, they’ll end up losing the Trump Organization entirely. And New York will still seek to criminally indict them in the related criminal probe.

The thing is, it’s been clear for quite awhile now that this was the path we were on. In fact it’s been clear since long before 2020 that if Trump lost the election, he’d end up bankrupt and in prison at the hands of New York prosecutors. That became clear right around the time Michael Cohen publicly testified to Congress about Donald Trump’s various forms of financial fraud, and New York prosecutors began the process of obtaining Trump’s financial records so it could prove him guilty.

When the news broke this week that the New York Supreme Court had ruled in favor of New York Attorney General Letitia James, Michael Cohen – whose testimony started this entire process – declared that “The House of Trump is crumbling.” He then added “I will continue to be there with the wrecking ball!”

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