The GOP’s latest dirty trick

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Republicans, crazy as they are, appear to come up with a new dirty trick every other day. One of these ridiculous tricks has been on my mind. In that regard, I’d like to point you toward this excellent article by Jack Doyle that lays out exactly what I’m speaking of. It’s titled: “Republicans are calling everything an insurrection, and they’re doing it on purpose.”

That is so true, and perhaps you’ve noticed this as well. When the Tennessee three were forced from their seats by Republican extremists, some Republicans called what these three did an insurrection. I call it a peaceful protest.

And then, when Montana representative Zooey Zephyr was banned from speaking for the rest of the year, she was accused of attempting to start an insurrection. Her crime? Speaking out for transgender youth.

The GOP is doing this on purpose, just as the article says. Their motive? To normalize the word, just like they normalized Trump’s lies and crimes. After all, if one repeats something long enough, it becomes a normal part of everyday conversation.

The GOP knows they’re extremists. They know most of the country isn’t buying what they’re selling. And they know many will never forget January 6. So what they do — or attempt to do — is both sides everything. And that’s what they’re trying to do here.

This is basically a call for “Democrats are insurrectionists too!” That way, they can solemnly look at the American people and talk about INSURRECTIONS(plural) — not ONE insurrection. Normalize the word. Throw it around a bit. Pretend both sides are guilty of it…

It’s called fake news. In reality, there was only ONE insurrection, and it was on January 6, 2021. That is the day that will live in the history books. Republicans can never take responsibility for anything, so they want to change this. But one cannot change facts.

It’s important to look out for this type of language and call the insurrection caucus out when they pull their dirty tricks. It’s essential to tell the truth — that only ONE party believes in insurrections, and that is the GOP.

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