The GOP’s dirty little secret

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We need to talk about the GOP’s dirty little secret – the secret most of them are not talking about. And it’s no wonder because this secret is quite shameful. Let’s begin at the beginning. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is a conference we’ve written about before.

Usually, this is a widely attended gala by the worst of alt-right republicans. It’s a place where Republicans can shine in spouting their racism, hatred of women, and contempt for anyone different than themselves.

And CPAC is coming up. Only for the first time in quite a while — many republicans aren’t planning to attend. Mike Pence has declined an invitation. But why, some might ask. It would get him exposure and keep sowing the fake seeds of hope that his fake soon-to-be-announced presidential candidacy might actually go somewhere.

It doesn’t look like Ron DeSantis is attending either. In fact, he has two events scheduled in another state at the time CPAC begins. But WHY? Well — it might have to do with Matt Schlapp. See, Schlapp, the chairman of CPAC, has been accused by a former staffer for Herschel Walker of sexual misconduct.

Uh-oh. And this same staffer is pretty upset. And he has filed a lawsuit against Schlapp seeking almost ten million for sexual battery and defamation. Schlapp denies the accusations. So, yes, all things considered, not attending CPAC might be the best thing for Republicans.

And some people are saying this is the reason republicans are quietly distancing themselves from CPAC. After all — everyone knows they are woman haters, but this? It might be a bridge too far even for Republicans.

Now some Republicans will still attend. Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to speak there. Does this surprise anyone? It will be interesting to see who backs out and who attends. I imagine many more republicans are mulling this invitation over right now.

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