The GOP gives away that it’s panicking over 2024

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The GOP never seems to tire of bad ideas that do not go anywhere. The latest GOP non-stater idea? Raise the voting age to 21. This idea was born likely because the GOP knows Generation Z can’t stand them — and that’s putting it politely.

One of the Republican candidates for president is a quack by the name of Vivek Ramaswamy. And, appearing on Fox non-news he said the youth vote needs to be earned. Under his plan, nobody could vote under the age of 21 UNLESS they agreed to serve in the military for six months.

Or if they are a first responder. Harris Faulkner of Fox non-news fame spoke to him about this far-out and very non-plausible idea. This idea was soundly rejected by Democrats, with some Democrats even calling it “Jim Crow Lite.”

Obviously, this plan will never happen or come to fruition. But it isn’t the first time Republicans have brought up raising the voter age. They seem to be deathly afraid of our young voters, so, of course, they would want to keep them from voting.

Besides musing on plans to ruin young peoples’ chances to vote, republicans have also enthusiastically endorsed having fewer polling places at college universities. I call this their “Make America Dumb” campaign.

It isn’t that far off from what they do to minorities in trying to suppress their vote. And make no mistake, if older white men were to suddenly pivot to Democrats by 70 or 80 percent, their votes, too, would be questioned by concerned Republicans.

That’s because Republicans are equal opportunity cheaters. At heart they really don’t care about the voting rights of the American people. They only care about maintaining power through any means possible.

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