The good guys strike back

This past Wednesday morning, a lawsuit was filed. It was filed by the makers of “the abortion pill.” And it was filed against states that are banning or trying to ban these pills. In this litigation, the company GenBioPro, argues that the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Regulations) has priority over states when it comes to the sales of these pills.

The lawsuit alleges that because the FDA approved the sale of these drugs, the states have no authority to ban them. They say the attempted bans violate interstate commerce. The litigation was filed in west Virginia and said the following: “federal law preempts West Virginia’s ban and restrictions. These laws impermissibly restrict patients’ access to Mifepristone.”

There is currently a massive demand for the abortion pill, which is why Republicans are scrambling to have it banned in red states. Anything to control a woman’s right to choose. It will be interesting to watch this litigation. How it is turned out will have a vast implications on abortion access.