The George Santos model is collapsing

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Professional liar George Santos is just too sexy for his shoes — although those shoes were allegedly stolen. But apparently, we’ve all been operating under a false assumption. That false assumption is that George Santos is just another face in the crowd. Wrong! According to new information, George Santos is a supermodel!

Wow — who would have thought? We have a supermodel in congress! Perhaps Prada and Calvin Klein designers may be visiting the Capitol. Or maybe not. You see, the person who is alleged to have made this declaration about the Congressional fashionista is – George Santos.

Apparently, according to a former roommate of the catwalk strutter, Santos told him that he was in high demand as a model. And not only that. Reportedly, Vogue had come to call. That’s right. Santos bragged that he was about to be featured in Vogue magazine.

His former roommate, Yasser Rabello, lived with Santos in both 2013 and 20214. According to him, Santos said he also had a job, and that job was working at New York fashion week. Ooh, la la. And yes, Santos reportedly bragged about his Vogue spread.

His roommate, like most of the world, found Santos and his model behavior quite odd. He also said Santos bragged that he’d “met all of the Victoria Secret models.” Ah, this presents a new angle. Did Santos say he was DATING any of said models? Did he perhaps say he’d stolen a few models from Leonardo DiCaprio? No word on that yet.

There were quite a few other claims in other interviews with this roommate, including that Santos stole an Armani dress and a Burberry shirt from him So let’s examine Santos’s latest claim together. Is it true? Could he perhaps be the next Fabio? No.

At the rate Santos is going, I fully expect him to start bragging about all of the Oscars he’s won. Santos takes to the spotlight like a fly to honey. In this case, however, I think it’s fair for us to say the Santos devil did not wear Prada — and that this claim is as empty as George Santos, the man.

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