The fight advances against Ron DeSantis

When January 6th happened, many thought it would be a wake-up call for the GOP. After all, blood was spilled. Our beloved friends in blue were attacked. The GOP LOVES backing the blue — right?

Wrong. Instead, all January 6th did on the GOP side was turn them even more cowardly. I believe that the cowardice of the GOP comes directly from “the rot from within.” (Thank you, Agatha Christie.)

According to this theory, this rot grows within one’s soul. Like a delicate flower bud, it flourishes. Then, one day, evil is allowed in. This day is pivotal because from then on, it just gets easier. Once one has opened their heart to wickedness — it becomes increasingly easier to let the rot take over.

And now, for many of the GOP, the rot has them firmly within its grasp. Governor Ron DeSantis is a testimonial to this theory.

DeSantis obviously wants power — he enjoys it a lot. So, he is doing everything humanly possible to act like Trump. He seems to think this will make Floridians love him. And perhaps some will — provided they’re not strapped to ventilators, fighting for their lives.

And now DeSantis is turning against his state, as evidenced by what is happening in Leon County in Florida.

As you likely know, DeSantis has been against mask mandates, against mandatory vaccines from businesses, against — well –pretty much everything that could honestly help the people of Florida.

So, it will likely come as no surprise that he and the Florida Health Department are now fining Leon County $3.5 million for enforcing vaccine passports.

DeSantis, in a statement, said it was “unacceptable” that Leon County had “infringed” on employees’ medical privacy.

However, Leon County Administrator Vincent Long is fighting back. He is arguing that the vaccine mandate is “legally justifiable.” He is not backing down. Perhaps DeSantis is worried about his sliding poll numbers and wants to play the tough guy.


My heart does break for people in Florida who ARE vaccinated and just want the freedom to move about without worrying about getting sick because of their own power-hungry governor’s actions.

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