The festering rot of the Supreme Court


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The Supreme Court has taken more than one bite from the rotten apple. And now it’s turned into a festering core, a court ‘Supreme” in name only, who very few take seriously anymore. And they have nobody to blame for that but themselves.

As you know, many on the Court have been speaking out lately. These Justices, including Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts, have been coming across as defensive, clueless, and — guilty. They appear guilty as sin. The Judges are the American people who have branded the Court with its lowest approval rating ever.

Only many of the Justices, particularly Roberts, do not appear to think so. Yet the Defenses they’ve offered are weak. That is because they really doesn’t have any. The Court is practicing “selective enforcement.”

That means they apply standards only to those cases where they have an emotional involvement. They change their interpretation of the constitution at will, and it is being done right before us. Everyone can see it. Everyone can see the core festering, rotting, and growing darker with each passing day.

And now Roberts has had someone put him in his place. That someone is one of the other Justices — Justice Elena Kagan. Kagan, not singling out any specific Justice, warned that the Court is “doing damage” to how people view it.

These words were said at an event at Northwestern University school of law. Kagan warned that “when courts become extensions of the political process, when people see them as extensions of the political process, when people see them as trying just to impose personal preferences on a society irrespective of the law, that’s when there’s a problem — and that’s when there ought to be a problem.”

The pervasive rot is now out in the open for all to see. Roberts may wish things were different. He may wish he had not partaken in taking a bite of the poison fruit. But he did. And he has shown himself unable — or perhaps unwilling – to control the more nakedly partisan court members.


And now we watch a once beloved institution fester with the rotting of partisanship. If we win, we can begin to do something about Roberts and his Court of falsities and false people. So let’s do that. As for Roberts, his name will go down in history only sadly for him, not for the reasons he might have liked.


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