The fallout from Rudy Giuliani’s coronavirus is already underway

Rudy Giuliani has been hospitalized today with coronavirus, after spending the past few weeks traveling the country and meeting in close quarters with Republican officials in various states, all without wearing a mask. There was sure to be fallout from this, and it’s underway already.

For instance, the Arizona State Legislature is now shutting down entirely for the next week, after at least fifteen Republican members were exposed to the virus by Giuliani. Meanwhile, CNN believes that Giuliani has exposed hundreds of people to coronavirus in total. Giuliani’s behavior has been absolutely unconscionable, and statistically speaking, it’s nearly a given that multiple people will die as a result.

There is also the question of whether Rudy Giuliani himself will survive the coronavirus, now that he’s apparently ill enough to be hospitalized. Personally speaking, I want Giuliani to survive, so he can be put on trial for his numerous crimes, and rot in prison.

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