The falling of the dominoes

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Through the centuries, when dynasties have fallen, there would be a sadness that permeated the air. No matter what kingdom was toppled, it would leave many behind. To pick up the pieces.

And right now, there is something in the air in America. It’s a mist of sorts, a quiet woebegone lament of times gone by — when the Supreme Court was a respected institution. This is no longer the case. We are witnessing in real time the collapse of the dominoes — the sound and the fury – the mists of failure rising as a beloved institution falls victim to its own arrogance.

I once predicted the fake elector story had the potential to be huge. That was one prediction I got right. I do not predict often, and when I do, I’m not always right. Nobody is.

But I will make a prediction now. The story we hear about the Alito leak is going to blossom. It’s going to ferment, taste getting ever stronger until it is on every television screen in the nation.

It has to be. This one is not one to go away quietly — as we’re already seeing. The Supreme Court of yesteryear is gone. This supreme court will not survive the stench of its own betrayal. That is why we must raise our voices. And I am raising mine. I call for the resignation of Extreme Justice,Alito.

What he did — though he denies any wrongdoing — is unforgivable. It goes against every speck of decency. And it reveals the Justice as the coward he is.

Let’s ALL raise our voices and call for his resignation. The Senate judiciary committee is now involved. This is not going away. We need to call out deceit when it happens and somehow find our way back to a place where honor and nobility still matter to the highest court in the land.

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