The entire political media is spending every day lying to you about what’s even going on – and it’s time for it to stop

Last week a national poll said Biden was seven points ahead of Trump, and the media unanimously ignored it. Now the media will spend the next week unanimously hyping a poll that says Trump is ahead. The polls have serious problems in their own right. But the media constantly lies to you about what the polls are even saying. And yes, this kind of thing is a lie; it’s a lie of omission.

If the weather model says a storm is blowing east, but the TV weatherman goes on the air and lies to you by claiming that the weather model says the storm is blowing west, you wouldn’t blame the weather model. You’d blame that member of the media for lying to you about what the weather model says. It’s the same thing – except it’s not, because we would never sit back and allow the weather man to lie to us about what the weather model even says.

So let’s not sick back and let the media continue to flat out lie to us about what the polls are even saying. Don’t blame the polls for the fact that the media is lying to you about the polls. Nearly all of our problems in politics these days are either caused by, or made worse by, the fact that the entire mainstream media constantly lies to us while chasing ratings. Let’s not give the media a free pass by acting like this is just a problem with the polls. It’s a problem with the media.