The circus is leaving town

Think for a moment if you will about some of “president” Donald Trump’s most outlandish ploys and stories. According to Politico, some of those include retweeting illogical conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, who believes that drinking water is tainted with Prozac, causing shrimp to commit suicide. We don’t know how they’re committing suicide—oh, hell. This is just crazy Speaking of crazy, Trump’s campaign put together a press conference before Thursday’s debate with a guy named Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski, an alleged former business partner of Hunter Biden, claims that Joe Biden profited from Hunter’s business dealings. He presented three cell phones that allegedly contain his “proof,” but he would not allow any members of the press to examine them. Fox News reported that the FBI wants to question Bobulinski, but that has not been substantiated according to the Hill, and no one cares other than Trump’s people. In essence, Trump will do just about anything to win re-election.

While political pundits said Trump did better in this debate, they also believe it was “too little, too late.” Trump continued to lie incessantly, and he repeatedly tried to bring up Hunter Biden, which has nothing to do with anything. Biden seized the moment to mention Trump’s secret China bank account and his failure to release his tax returns, which led Trump to talk about “prepaid taxes,” whatever that means. When Trump ignorantly said that we “have to learn to live” with coronavirus, Biden said, “We are learning to die with it.” Even as Trump continued lying and trying unsuccessfully to make Joe Biden look bad, Politico was hard at work on how voting is going.

Politico’s piece is very detailed. The article discusses early voting patterns collected to date by Hawkfish, a new Democratic research firm that has been reviewed by both Republican and Independent experts. While they obviously cannot know who voted for which candidate, there are some patterns emerging that favor Joe Biden and the Democratic party. Keep in mind that many Republicans could well wait until November 3 to vote, but veteran Republican strategist Scott Reed calls the numbers “a warning flare.”

Forty-seven million votes have already been cast, most of which are Democratic. More importantly, Democrats are winning the battle of turning out what Hawkfish calls “low-frequency” and “new voters.” In Florida, for example, Democrats are outpacing Republicans with a record 463,000 votes. This pattern is steady across the battleground states and sends a positive message to Democrats.

This news is not being shared to make the rest of us stay home; we should be motivated by these numbers to not only get ourselves out to vote but our family, friends, and neighbors, as we have a real shot of taking back our country. Let us continue to ride this positive wave, and if you have not yet voted, take advantage of early voting. God only knows what November 3 is going to look like at your polling places, so do it now rather than later so that we can help the Trump Circus leave town.

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