The Chris Christie fallout continues

It is pretty sad to see the complete collapse of CNN. As they set about reporting on fake stories with fake outrage, they’re primed to lose even more viewers. One would hope they would realize they are embarked on a losing strategy.

But alas, this has not yet come to pass, if their latest blunder tells us anything. CNN has been literally fawning over Chris Christie. It is to the point where it is embarrassing.

CNN obviously needs a GOP hero to stir the pot and mix things up a bit. The fact that they think they need to do this tells us much about why their ratings are in the toilet. But CNN would be wise to heed the pendulum. Because it certainly is not their friend as it quietly swings further and further away from the flailing network.

As for Christie, CNN could not have chosen a worse “hero.” I will say it straight out. Chris Christie is doomed in his power quest. There are many reasons for this, but one of the strongest is this: absolutely nobody takes him seriously.

Historical precedent shows that in most cases, politicians who are not taken seriously do not win.

Christie has many scandals behind him. Many think he knew about Bridgegate. I am one of these people. But in addition, there was his fawning sycophancy over the orange bat that nobody has forgotten. Attempting to frame Chris Christie as a champion of the never-Trump movement is like framing Bernie Sanders as being for QAnon. It just doesn’t work.


So, CNN chose the wrong hero. They will realize this in the upcoming months as the pendulum continues its arc away from the network.

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