The calm in the storm

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President Biden announced his plans to seek a second term. He said that the battle for the soul of our nation is incomplete, and looking at the way things currently stand, he’s not lying. Things have continued to slide downhill, and the wedge between people continues to grow. I credit Donald Trump. Never has the country seen such a toxic person in the presidency. His toxicity made it okay for people to display their own. That is not only sad, but it’s frightening. It also tells us why we should once again choose Joe Biden. He hasn’t healed any rifts and has, in fact, deepened them through no fault of his own. Republicans were determined to complain about him no matter what he did, and their minds were completely closed before he even signed his first executive order.

Using the January 6 insurrection as his backdrop, President Biden made his announcement. He talked about freedom, Republicans’ desire to cut social security and Medicare, abortion, banning books, and disrespecting the LGBTQ community “all while making it more difficult for you to vote.” Those are, in a proverbial nutshell, the things we currently face. Many of those are things that shouldn’t matter. No one has the right to control anyone else’s life choices, and absolutely no one should make it more difficult for any of us to vote. After all, we vote our consciences. Are they taking that away as well? Biden’s announcement video is quite powerful, but can Joe Biden stir up the excitement necessary to defeat the Republicans again?

Republican strength does seem to be waning. Even as members like Jim Jordan waste time and money on unnecessary, pointless investigations, the rest want to attack the poor. Think about that. Do you really want to support people who treat your countrymen like this simply because they don’t have money? Does that make them useless? Absolutely not. Every person on this Earth has a purpose and a promise to fulfill. Some may not make it, but for those who try, how dare their attempts be stymied? How dare men tell us what we can do with our bodies or who we should love? This is but a small part of what’s wrong in the world today, but it has created a gigantic chasm.

At least President Biden gives us some sense of calm. Republicans are the opposite. It took Kevin McCarthy 15 times to become speaker because of rifts within their own party, and the Hill reported that we’ll witness that rift again over their debt ceiling proposal. Some want strict work requirements to receive federal benefits while the more moderate contingent is against green energy cuts. Either way, they just can’t seem to get it together, and their inability to come together hurts all of us.


President Biden has been the calm in the storm these last three years. People may not see him as the most exciting choice, but we’ve had enough “excitement” to last a lifetime. We need someone who’s going to sit down and go to work, and he has done that.

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