The calm before the storm

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As Donald Trump truth social’s away, I want to talk about something that’s coming up, something a bit more gentle than what we are used to. It is the aftermath. It is the calm after the storm.

Donald Trump will be indicted by Jack Smith in a very short time, perhaps before you even see this. And next month he will likely be indicted in Georgia. Could there be more indictments for Trump? Oh yes, indeed. I would not be surprised at all particularly in states like Michigan and Arizona.

But let’s say there’s not. Let’s say that Georgia is the last indictment. Let’s say that part of the story melts and ends in a giant orange puff of indictments for Donald Trump. What comes next?

Our indictment watch will be over. It will be the aftermath of the indictments and the start of something new: the trials. There will be motions filed, dates chosen, dates, rejected, hearings to attend, rules to obey, court dates that cannot be put off

And that is when I would expect Donald Trump to drop out if he does. And how could he not? I want to address a question that many of you have asked. Why we don’t believe that Donald Trump is a serious candidate.

The man is not going to be able to do the activities he’s doing now. Already, he’s got trials coming up. Many of them are already set for next year. Several more will be set, possibly for this year or at the very least, early next year.

Donald Trump at this point cannot string a sentence together with sounding unhinged. He’s doing few rallies. He may not even show up to the debate. He’s certainly not acting like a legitimate candidate

I think deep down Trump is tired. He may not really want to be the President but does not want anyone else to be either. He’s tired and he’s alone, and a few more indictments are going to make him even more crazy.

So get ready as we ease into a new dawn, a new day, where the indictments are soon past us, and we welcome the trials, the events it seems like we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of eternity.

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