The Arizona election “audit” ends, with disastrous results for the Cyber Ninjas – and Donald Trump

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When Arizona’s Republican legislature hired a clown troupe called the Cyber Ninjas to “audit” the results of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County, it was obvious from the start that 1) This was being done simply to soothe Trump’s hurt feelings, and 2) it would end up having absolutely no impact of any kind on anything.

Nonetheless, we’ve had to endure months of listening to doomsday pundits insisting that the phony audit was going to do some kind of “damage” to the “rule of law” or something like that. None of this made any real sense, but it was enough to scare people into staying tuned in, for fear that this unspecified “damage” might end up happening.

Now the phony audit is over, with the Cyber Ninjas’ own report revealing that President Biden actually won Maricopa County by a slightly larger margin than originally tallied, according to AZ Central. Why are the Cyber Ninjas turning in a result in which they’re admitting Trump really did lose? Perhaps they’ve concluded that their odds of facing federal criminal charges are lower if they just accurately admit Trump lost.

But even if the Cyber Ninjas had turned in a report which falsely claimed that Trump won, they’d still merely have been laughed at by everyone outside Trump’s irrelevant and insular base. In other words, literally nothing would have changed.

So while it’s important to stay vigilant and keep an eye on these kinds of inept and corrupt clown shows, it was 100% obvious from the start that it would end up having zero impact and changing zero minds. This audit charade was a strategic failure from the start on the part of the Republicans. In fact they weren’t even trying to win, because there was nothing to win; they were just trying to curry favor with Trump and his damaged ego.

This serves as the latest reminder that you don’t have to pretend the other side is winning when they’re clearly losing. You can merely point out that the other side is blowing it, and keep an eye on them to make sure they keep blowing it. In the end, the only real “damage” the Republicans did was to themselves – and Trump, who merely looks like even more of a loser.

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