Donald Trump gets his worst news yet at the end of a terrible week for him

The week began with Donald Trump losing a criminal court battle to keep seized evidence from being turned over to prosecutors, continued with Sean Hannity being exposed as a client of Trump’s “attorney” Michael Cohen, got even worse when the Comey memos leaked and made Trump look terrible, and took a turn for the personal when Trump’s pal Roger Stone publicly came out against him. Now, at the end of a very bad week for him, Trump just got hit with his worst news yet.

Today the Democratic Party filed a lawsuit against the Donald Trump campaign, WikiLeaks, and Russia, for their roles in stealing and releasing the DNC emails during the election. This may initially sound like something between an irrelevant development and a farce. After all, lawsuits are supposed to be about winning money. So what is this? Are the Democrats just trying to get into Trump’s wallet? No, not at all, because this lawsuit isn’t about winning – it’s about what it’ll expose.

If you want to see how damaging a civil action can be to a criminally corrupt politician with a lot to hide, consider that Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against Michael Cohen is a big part of the reason that the Feds were ultimately able to convince a judge to sign off on raiding Cohen’s office and seizing communications between Trump and Cohen. It’s the discovery process of a lawsuit like this that ends up being so ugly for Trump.

The Democratic Party will use its lawsuit to force the Donald Trump campaign to turn over embarrassing and incriminating documents and evidence that it can make public and turn over to criminal prosecutors. The lawsuit will help expose the dirty connections between the Trump campaign, the Kremlin, and WikiLeaks. As the Democrats are heading into the midterms, they’re putting the Trump-Russia criminal conspiracy on trial by proxy in civil court, for all to see. Trump now has to fight a legal battle on yet another front, and it’s one he’ll lose badly in the court of public opinion.