Donald Trump is having a really terrible night

Donald Trump just tweeted “I WON THE ELECTION!” and Twitter promptly slapped a disclaimer on it which confirms that Joe Biden won the election. So that’s what kind of night Trump is having: a really terrible one.

Warning labels are no longer enough for Trump’s disallowed tweets. Not nearly enough. Twitter is going to have to start outright deleting Trump’s tweets, or delete his entire account. I understand why they don’t want to; the guy is still the sitting President of the United States. But the argument that the public needs to be able to see the President’s words is now far outweighed by the damage that his tweets might do to the country.

– Rudy Giuliani has already screwed up Trump’s election legal fight so badly, he’s apparently gutted Trump’s court case in Pennsylvania, and now he’s accusing a private law firm of conspiring with the Washington Post or something. This could end up being even more embarrassing than when Rudy got caught on tape with his hand down his pants – and we didn’t think that was possible.

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