Donald Trump is about to get hit with some terrible news tomorrow

As the coronavirus crisis continues to get worse in the United States, and the economy continues to implode, it’s becoming more clear that Donald Trump has no idea how to handle either one of them. Trump walked out of his own task force press conference yesterday while it was still going on, seemingly at the end of his rope. Now he’s about to get hit with some truly terrible news tomorrow.

Actually, it’s terrible news for just about everyone involved. Just about every one of you knows someone who has recently lost their job as a result of the coronavirus shutdown. That anecdotal bad news is about to become formalized, as the new unemployment numbers get announced tomorrow. Economic experts are predicting that the number will be in the millions.

In case anyone was still holding out hope that the overall economy might not get hit as hard as the stock market has, we’re about to come up against the reality that millions of Americans have become unemployed in the span of a week. As Trump continues to botch the response, and the results keep getting more devastating – both medically and economically – this becomes even more of an untenable mess for his failed presidency.

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