Donald Trump has complete meltdown on live national television after his tax returns surface

This evening the New York Times published a lengthy exposé based on having obtained twenty years of his tax returns. For instance, Trump paid just $750 in 2016 and 2017, and prior to taking office he paid nothing at all in most years. Either Trump is the world’s worst businessman and he’s drowning in debt, or he lied on his tax returns.

Trump held a televised press conference – which somehow inexplicably included the presence of fugitive from justice Rudy Giuliani – just as his tax returns were surfacing. When he got asked about it, he went completely off the deep end, whining about how poorly the IRS treats him, and (falsely) insisting that he’s somehow still under audit – a claim he’s been making since 2015.


Trump also went on a completely incoherent rant about how people’s Pulitzer Prizes should be taken away, and instead given to people like Sean Hannity. None of it made even a lick of sense, which at this point isn’t surprising. Trump knows darn well that the New York grand jury is about to get its hands on his tax returns, and he’s looking at a criminal indictment that’ll send him away for life. No wonder he’s melting down.

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