Ted Lieu slam dunks Ron Johnson

Congressman Ted Lieu is never afraid to speak the difficult truth. Senator Ron Johnson is never afraid to tell the convenient lie. So it’s not surprising that the two don’t exactly get along. Johnson has gone off the racist propaganda deep end yet again, and Lieu quickly set him straight.

Ron Johnson made a mess for himself this past week when he claimed he wasn’t afraid of the U.S. Capitol invaders because they were white, and that he would have been afraid of them if they’d been with Black Lives Matter or the imaginary group Antifa. This was an incredibly racist thing to say, and now Johnson can’t seem to decide whether to court the racist vote or walk back his remarks.

Johnson is now claiming that what he really meant to say is that he felt safe on January 6th because all the violence was in the House chamber, and not in the Senate chamber. But we’ve all seen the video footage that proves this is a lie.

Ted Lieu was having none of it, tweeting this: “Dear Sen. Ron Johnson: Maybe you missed the impeachment trial. Remember the video evidence we presented of the mob that violently broke into your Senate chamber? Some had weapons and zip-tie hand cuffs. That’s why you weren’t there to greet them. Senators were hiding. Remember?”

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