Michael Avenatti and Congressman Ted Lieu have something cooking together

Attorney Michael Avenatti has long been prominent in the legal world. He’s recently risen to political prominence due to his representation of Donald Trump’s former mistress Stormy Daniels, and more recently, his representation of immigrant families that have been torn apart by the Trump regime. Now it turns out Avenatti has something cooking with popular Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu.

Ted Lieu is an Air Force veteran and former JAG prosecutor who now represents a district in Los Angeles in the United States Congress. He’s also taken a no holds barred approach to calling out Donald Trump from day one, which has given him a large following on social media. It seems fitting that Lieu and Avenatti would want to team up together, as they both have strong legal backgrounds and strong feelings about Trump. So what are they up to?

Here’s what Michael Avenatti tweeted late last night: “Met with Ted Lieu today. He gets it and we are lucky to have him as a leader in the House. Smart, no BS, and not afraid to mix it up. My kind of guy.” He then added his signature “basta” catch phrase. Lieu then responded with this tweet: “Thank you Michael. Great meeting you as well. Thanks for fighting the good fight. Also, I’m including Basta even though I don’t know what it means, but it sounds cool.”

So what are Ted Lieu and Michael Avenatti up to? Whatever it is, they’re clearly not worried about keeping their meeting a secret, even though neither is disclosing anything about the contents of their meeting. Is this about exposing Donald Trump’s financial crimes in the payoff to Daniels? Is this about reuniting the immigrant families that Trump has tried to destroy? Is it something else altogether? In any case, Avenatti and Lieu have something cooking together.

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