Ted Lieu fires back after Donald Trump has a conniption about him

Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu has been smartly and aggressively taking on the Trump regime from the very start. For whatever reason, Donald Trump has largely ignored Lieu, even while viciously attacking other leading House Democrats. But that changed yesterday, when Trump went after Lieu in surreal fashion – and suffice it to say that Lieu got the best of the exchange.

This week House Democrats held a hearing on the rising dangers of white nationalism, so naturally House Republicans decided to make a mockery of it. They invited Donald Trump loyalist Candace Owens to testify, so she could insist that white nationalism doesn’t exist. This prompted Ted Lieu to play a recent clip of a speech in which Owens claimed that Adolf Hitler wasn’t all that bad. This sent Owens off on an unhinged rant about how her quote was supposedly out of context, prompting Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to intervene.

By any coherent definition, Ted Lieu won the exchange and Owens humiliated herself. Just don’t tell that to Owens’ fellow Trump loyalist Arthur Schwartz, who posted a video clip of Owens ranting, and added “Wow. Ted Lieu got a well deserved ass kicking. Shame on you Ted.” Donald Trump, who apparently didn’t watch the entire clip or didn’t understand what he was watching, promptly retweeted it. The end result was that the President of the United States was attacking a prominent member of Congress under idiotic circumstances.

Ted Lieu naturally seized the moment. He tweeted “Super excited Donald Trump retweeted this right-wing tweet about me! I pinned on my Twitter the full statement of Owens. She said: ‘If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine. The problem is he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany.'”

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