Ted Cruz may have just given away a dirty secret about himself

Now that Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has been caught up in a racist KKK/blackface scandal and he keeps changing his story about it, prominent Democrats across the nation keep calling for him to resign. This comes even as prominent Republicans try to opportunistically do the same, despite the fact that everyone left in the Republican Party is either a racist or an apologist for racists. Ted Cruz took things even further, and may have just given away one of his own secrets.

Here’s what Ted Cruz tweeted about Ralph Northam: “Media fixation w/ blackface (“was he dressed as Michael Jackson?”) obscures the more damning point: anybody who voluntarily chooses to celebrate the evil & bigoted KKK is unfit for public office. Media should be asking: did you select that picture to represent what you believe?”

We’re not even going to get into whether there’s merit to what Ted Cruz is saying here, because he’s the kind of sick racist who’s been propping up people like white supremacist Republican Congressman Steve King for years. But what is interesting here is that Cruz, who has consistently demonstrated that he has no understanding of racism on any level, seems to be downplaying the fact that Northam dressed up in blackface while impersonating a famous black person.

Why is Ted Cruz, who doesn’t even understand racism on a basic level, let alone something like blackface, suddenly trying to play down the blackface aspect of the Northam scandal? We’re not saying this means there is a photo of Ted Cruz in blackface out there. We’re just saying it sounds like he may have unwittingly given something away here. Let’s go look through all of Cruz’s old yearbook photos just in case.